Blue Future 23 Speakers



portrait of Emiley Lockhart
a close up portrait of a bespectacled and smiling John Yonce
portrait of Kathryn Hautanen
portrait of Garrett Boudinot standing in a cornfield

Portrait of a smiling Story Reed
Chip Terry wearing sunglasses
portrait of Matt Thompson in front of marine tank and filtering equipment
portrait of Rob McGurrin

portrait of Mark Reil
portrait of Representative Kathleen LaNatra
portrait of Representative Matthew Muratore
portrait of Senator Susan Moran
portrait of a smiling Judith Underwood
Toby Stapleton speaking from a podium
portrait of Stacey Messier smiling, standing in front of a yellow block wall
black and white portrait of Justin Manley
Portrait of Senator Julian Cyr

portrait of Brett Phaneuf
portrait of Paige Glowacky, MBA
portrait of a smiling Ian Estaphan Owen outdoors
portrait of Mike Brosnahan

a portrait photo of a smiling Laura Tassinari Buckley, MPA
a portrait photo of Randall Lyons, CCM, wearing a red shirt while standing with arms crossed in front of a body of water
portrait of Nora McCarthy
portrait of James Byrnes

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