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Workforce Development

Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development believes the key to promoting growth and opportunities is to ensure residents have the skills employers seek and that businesses are not constrained by a shortage of skilled workers.

The Foundation wants to make sure Plymouth’s residents are job-ready for good paying, high demand jobs. We support programs that provide workers with job skills for advancement: educational opportunities, job training, and financial coaching. Nearly 500,000 people commute to or through Plymouth County for work every day to jobs supporting tourism. While critical to our economy, these service industry workers have applicable skills that translate to higher wage opportunities the Foundation is trying to attract.

To that end, the Foundation is focused on attracting Marine Tech and Trade industries to Plymouth. These industries of the future provide skilled positions in new categories of jobs with companies in their startup phase.  The Foundation is hard at work aligning resources to prepare for our workforce for these opportunities.  One day, Plymouth will be known for its start-up friendly environment and problem-solving workforce. Contact us to learn more.

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