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Land Use

The Plymouth Foundation works to support the development of future economic opportunities while remaining mindful and appreciative of Plymouth’s long-standing conservation efforts.

Land use policies help communities solve problems. These problems include housing, jobs, energy, food, and water supply. Currently, Plymouth needs to attract new sources of good paying jobs that capitalize on our portfolio of assets. Together, with town government, investors, developers, and state partners, the Foundation works to develop land use policies that achieve our economic goals, mindful of residential, conservation, and open space goals. 

The Foundation was instrumental restoring 60 acres of low value land. This property is being prepared for sale for $4million and will once again contribute to our tax rolls.

A future land use issue will be the 1,500 acres Pilgrim Site. Although years away, the foundation is already working with the town to ensure that when it comes time to develop the site, it will be done so that the character of the community is preserved and the quality of life for residents is enhanced. 

If Plymouth is a place you are considering for your next business opportunity, contact us.