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Small Business Development

Small businesses are the backbone of Greater Plymouth’s economy; they create jobs and bring vibrancy to our town. The Foundation encourages larger businesses and institutions to purchase goods and services from these small businesses. That’s how they grow. 

The Foundation also works closely with our federal, state, and local partners to provide access to the resources needed to start a business. We offer confidential business advising and provide staff-level attention to help navigate the start-up, site selection, and permitting process. Small businesses in Plymouth are also backed by a network that includes the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Plymouth Planning & Development, MassDevelopment, Mass Office of Business Development, the EDA, and countless nonprofit entities that support small business growth in Plymouth.

To advance our small business development program, the Foundation is working with our funding partners to build-out a co-working space in the downtown. Once complete, the Foundation will offer state-of-the-art office space as well as business management classes and workshops designed to provide our small business leaders with a cutting-edge advantage and opportunity to level up.

Have something to add to our small business community? Contact us.