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Marketing Events and Cultural Assets

Plymouth hosts America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade, our annual tribute to our founding.  For our 400th anniversary, the town had big plans that included participation from around the globe. Two years of planning and the work of hundreds of Plymouth residents was put to an end by a global pandemic. Residents still talk about the effort with great pride and joke that they’ll try again for our 500th.

Year-round events attract tourists and our residents. Plymouth is always ready to celebrate. The Plymouth Foundation supports these efforts, both with grant funding and as participants. We also find innovative ways to support small cultural and arts organizations, also important to our quality of life. Recently, we secured a grant from the Mass Office of Travel and Tourism to prominently feature 20 small tourism-related businesses on a billboard located just outside Boston. 

Now we’re planning to promote a regional entertainment venue with a $100,000 MOTT grant that translates Spire marketing materials into Spanish and Portuguese. If you like to discuss other innovative ways the Foundation can support events and cultural assets, contact us.