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a bar chart graphic indicating growth with the word: Average growth of 2,000 residents per year

Plymouth has seen dynamic growth over the past two generations. Since 1972, when the Pilgrim Powerplant began operations, the town has grown on average 911 new residents per year. For the past 5 years, the town has grown an average of 2,000 residents per year. As a growing community of over 60,000 people, we are experiencing new challenges. 85% of Plymouth’s tax base is paid by residents. The commercial tax base has remained consistent over the last 10 years, while the industrial base has decreased by 27%, mostly due to the recent decommissioning of the Powerplant.  

We all enjoy living in a community featuring dense forests, pristine beaches, meandering trails, open skies, and beautiful natural environment. Plymouth’s natural beauty is the reason many of us have chosen to live here. Yet, If Plymouth is going to remain affordable for our residents, we must diversify our tax base and give people an opportunity. The Foundation’s goal is to create viable commercial and manufacturing opportunities to relieve some of that tax burden with responsible high-growth potential businesses. We believe we can work together to achieve balance in addressing our residential housing needs, protecting our environment, and reshaping the revenue generators of our economy.

We are committed to working together with you, our community, to preserve our quality of life.

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