Economic Development is quality of life. By managing and redirecting resources, the Plymouth Foundation is focused on achieving growth that improves the experience of our residents and guests.  Traditional economic development strategies used to focus on building things, like highways, roads and industrial sites.  Modern strategies are diversified and are intend to keep people active in the marketplace for as long as possible.  The Plymouth Foundation has curated a portfolio that guides our economic development strategy into five segments: Land Use, Small Business Development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Workforce Development, and Marketing, Events and Cultural Affairs (MECA).

The Plymouth Foundation is a private non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing quality of life through sound economic growth. We support government and private-sector initiatives to attract, retain, and strengthen employment opportunities and increase the community’s commercial and industrial tax base.

Our overarching purpose is to help businesses locate or expand in Plymouth and the surrounding area. To support business retention and encourage new businesses to choose our community, the Foundation offers free, confidential technical assistance and advisory services to businesses, such as:

  • Facilitating state & local tax incentives for qualified investments
  • Providing permitting assistance
  • Identifying and coordinating access to state and federal funding programs
  • Referrals to commercial financing programs
  • Providing or making referrals for small business counseling
  • Encouraging, supporting, and providing referrals to workforce development programs and training incentives
  • Other technical assistance either directly or through referrals to other organizations

The Foundation also provides support to local governments in the Plymouth region by serving as “on call” economic development consultants and advisers. The Board of Trustees and executive staff have expertise working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to facilitate the regulatory and permitting processes, as well as working with municipalities to design and implement more efficient permitting systems. Additionally, we take an analytical approach to workforce development and land use strategies by using data and market trends to assist with creating economic and fiscal policies, advocacy and outreach, and strategic planning. The Foundation also supports partnerships between educators and employers and assists with applications for federal, state, and private grants.