It’s all here in Plymouth, Massachusetts

When you think of Plymouth, immediately most people recollect the story of the pilgrims’ voyage across the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower, and their landing at Plymouth Rock. But today, the rock is just one of the historic sites that depict the age old story of Plymouth’s rich heritage. When you visit Plymouth, you will learn about more than the pilgrim voyage. Plymouth is a diverse and unique community with over 30 miles of beautiful coastline with safe harbors, scenic vistas and bustling village centers teaming with activity.

Plymouth’s many villages serve as a hub of activity for guests and residents. With quaint shops and restaurants  you can find anything you need right around the corner. In addition to our enviable quality of life, Plymouth is also a world renowned tourist destination and home to many international companies. Over the past decade, Plymouth as grown by almost 10 percent and the workforce population has increased by almost 20 percent. This is more commercial growth and residential expansion than Plymouth had seen in the previous 50 years.

Presently, Plymouth is only at the two-thirds mark in its town-wide build-out capacity, leaving plenty of room for your next project. With approximately 103 square miles of land mass, Plymouth stands as the largest municipality in the Northeast with a unique mix of industry and award winning residential developments.

With all of this, Plymouth, Massachusetts continues to maintain its small town charm for 400 years. Plymouth offers its visitors from across the country and around the globe a chance to experience part of the United States’ early history as well as New England’s seasonal charm. We invite you to experience all that Plymouth, “America’s Hometown,” has to offer for your relocation plans whether it’s business, or a place to call home.

It’s all here in Plymouth, Massachusetts.